Protect Your Vehicle

Insurance is a contractual agreement between you and your insurance company. Payment of a premium to the car insurance company insures you against theft or damages to your car. Many car insurance companies offer insurance services, and we help you get access to them.

The insurance extends to damage or theft to your car, legal responsibility for the bodily harm or property damage caused by your car to others, and medical and funeral expenses in some cases. It is paying a premium to an automobile company for expenses that might occur due to harm caused by our cars. Car insurance payment has been made compulsory in some countries in the world. 

There is a range of insurance plans, and you get to decide which is most affordable and suitable for your needs. Insurance most times spams for six months and can be renewed. Insurance companies remind their clients when it is time for their insurance to be renewed. 

Why Do You Need Insurance for Your Car?

The answer is simple. To be adequately prepared for damages to property or bodily harm that can be caused by your vehicle. Your insurance covers damages caused by you or anyone driving your car with your consent. If an accident is caused by you when you’re driving someone else’s car with their permission, then their insurance covers the damages caused.

This policy does not extend to people who use their cars for commercial purposes. It is only permissible if you use your car for personal purposes. However, some insurance companies are already making insurance provisions for those who carry out commercial activities such as ride-sharing. 

Some of the auto insurance coverage plans available include:

  • Bodily Injury Liability which is available for accidents that result in injuries or death caused by you or anyone driving your car with your consent 
  • Property Damage Liability which covers costs for damages caused to other vehicles by you or anyone driving your car with your consent.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP), an insurance plan covering medical bills for injuries incurred by you or your passengers. 

There is a special plan available for accidents caused by drivers who don’t have insurance plans. This plan is applicable to hit and run cases. Accidents caused by motorists who can not afford to pay up the entire insurance bills can also use this plan, and it is known as an uninsured motorist coverage plan. 

Auto Insurance coverage plans only cover the damages caused by your car, not your car. There are insurance plans in place to ensure you against damages caused by you to your car. They include comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, and glass coverage. These insurance plans are optional. Some countries mandate the purchase of one or more of these insurance plans. This varies from one county to another.  Contact us today to recommend the safest and most credible auto insurance companies in Australia.