Sell Your Car

Selling Your Car

We offer trade-in services to customers who want to change their cars. Do you still have miles on your old car? Are you tired of driving your current car? Would you be interested in a trade-in or merely selling your old car for some money? We have the solution to all these issues at Loconut Car Brokers. We offer you the option of either selling the car or trading it in for a new or used one. 


Loconut Car Brokers give one of the best trade-in deals in Australia. We help make it easy for you to get a car upgrade or a different car of your choice while considering affordability. We buy our cars in large quantities and as a result of this, get access to large discounts. These discounts, in turn, reflect in the prices we give you for our cars. If you are looking to upgrade your car or change it to a new car, we offer trade-in services. 

For a trade-in to be successful, these are the processes we go through. We estimate the value of the car to be traded-in. We ask some questions about the way the car has been used.

  • How many times have you changed the engine?
  • How often do you take your car for servicing and some other relevant questions?
  • We also carry out some manual tests on the car.

If the car has been well used and still has many miles in it, it is considered high value. Your car can be in an outstanding or clean condition, depending on how you’ve used it. The car’s value is then subtracted from the cost of the new or used car you want to upgrade to. 

For cars that have been damaged or need to be revamped, we offer car revamping services to cut the selling price. It is more cost-efficient to get the car fixed this way than doing it independently. This is because our frequent dealings with vehicle repairing companies have given us access to discounts. If you decide to handle these repairs yourself, you might end up spending a substantial amount. 

Car Sales

When selling a vehicle, your car goes through an appraisal, and the value is determined. We then connect you with potential buyers who can decide if they want to test drive the car before buying from you.

We help you get the best price for the sale of your car. We also keep you posted on the progress of your car.  If the car requires repair before you can sell it, we take care of such services. It is more cost-efficient for us to handle this important pre-sale process for you. Your car’s sale depends on factors such as car mileage, wear and tear factors, and internal factors. We save you the hustle and bustle of trying to get a buyer for your car at affordable rates.